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Agricultural Statistics

The Agriculture Industry has probably been the industry that has been the best suited to our specific service offerings. It has ticked a number of extremely important boxes for us in terms of being dynamic, geographical distributed over vast areas and in dire need for sound business intelligence. We have developed innovative approaches for collecting spatial data and in the process we have been able to successfully integrate various technologies to improve efficiencies dramatically. One of these systems, the Producer Independent Crop Estimates System (PICES), has improved accuracies of crop estimates by 40%.

Utilising a similar approach as the PICES we have managed to design a system for accurately measuring and mapping the agricultural baseline footprints at provincial and national scale. These include crop production, agri-infrastructure, livestock as well as agri-tourism. We have also been able to identify the most suitable areas for crop expansion given a number of factors such as weather, soil parameters, current production and infrastructure.

Relevant projects: