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Field Surveying

In order to get to Spatial Business Intelligence, a lot of data is consumed by the various processes. SiQ quickly discovered that although there are a lot of data available, some of this was outdated, inconsistent, incorrect or not fully usable due to many reasons. Because of this, processes were put in place for own data gathering, and this service expanded rapidly to the point where it became a dedicated business unit.

Today SiQ has the skills, people, methodologies and equipment necessary to perform a variety of field surveying services, from telephonic surveys, door to door surveys, vehicle based surveys, right up to aeronautical surveys.

We have a unique approach to surveys in that we look at the survey area in a spatial manner, and ensure that the area is covered fully. This is different from the normal approach were lists are used (which are most often outdated or incomplete) or where haphazard interviews are done, not knowing if all has been covered.

The spatial approach also allows us to do very thorough quality control, and allows follow up visits to be conducted easily and quickly.

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