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Business Model

The SiQ business model, represented by the pyramid shown below, can be summarized as follows:

"SiQ has various services, each one a product on its own, but working together to produce the pinnacle of the pyramid - Spatial Business Intelligence."

This is truly a case where the whole is much bigger than the sum of the parts.

Looking at the pyramid the various services are self-evident, with each of these services able to produce an output that is usable to the client.

What may not be so obvious is that the various services on a similar level on the pyramid can also function together to produce an interim level output. For example, a combination of the services on the lowest level will produce a data layer, which can be used by clients in their systems and processes. If this output is taken one level higher by means of a combination of services on the middle layer of the pyramid, an information layer is produced, which can be used by clients "as-is" to make business decisions. By applying a combination of the top level services Spatial Business Intelligence is created.

"Unleashing Spatial Information, Creating Business Intelligence"