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Social Responsibility

Since the inception of the company, SiQ has actively been involved in various Social Responsibility programs. A large percentage (much larger than required by the BBBEE codes) of SiQ's Nett Profit After Tax (NPAT) is being invested into these programs on a yearly basis.

During this period various smaller projects have been beneficiaries, but one larger project which we are very proud to be associated with stands out from the rest, and this is the Vastfontein Community Transformation Project. The vision of Vastfontein is to raise, educate and equip future leaders by means of giving people to opportunity to reach their dreams. The project includes care homes for homeless children, a primary school with state of the art technology, the start of a secondary school, a School of Church Planting, a Wellness Centre with social workers and therapists as well as a facility where subsistence farmers are being trained.

For more information on the Vastfontein Project, and to see if you or your company can become involved, please visit their website at